Reasons Why Coal Is A Great Source of Energy

  • Coal is one of the most significant fossil fuels available to us. The solar energy is stored for many years and formed as coal with the biological and geological process. Coal consists of carbon, as a major element and various other materials. Several types of coal are available depending on the mode of origin, composition and age. South Africa has an abundance of this energy source and there are several renowned coal suppliers in Cape Town, who offer high-quality services at affordable prices. (Information source:

    Initially, coal was used as a source of heat. However, now coal is considered a great source of energy for various reasons.

    1. Low Cost:

    Coal is the cheapest energy source. The cost of coal when used as an energy source is much lower than natural gas, nuclear and oil. Compared to these sources, coal is easily available and for a lower cost.

    2. Easily Available:

    Coal is easily available across the globe and a stable source of energy. The countries, which have the highest amount of coal include the US, Russia, China, India, South Africa and Australia to name a few. Due to the plentiful supply, people do not experience scarcity of this energy source like natural gas or oil.

    3. Coal Industry is a Good Source of Employment:

    Unlike the other forms of energy, the use of coal includes innumerable steps like actually mining the coal, transporting it to power plants, burning it and disposing of the ash. The process requires is a lot of work and thus, creates a large amount of employment.

    4. Source of Energy:

    Coal is an unmatched source of electric energy. Nuclear, hydroelectric or solar system, nothing can provide a massive amount of electricity required by us like coal can. Also, coal is the most important solid fuel.

    5. Availability in Different Formats:

    Solid coal can be turned into and used in different forms, either a liquid or gaseous state. Burning coal in these forms eliminates the ash produced from the solid form and limits other by-products produced due to combustion. Thus, the environmental damage is limited.

    6. Highly Versatile:

    Coal has versatile use, it can be utilised in different industries such as gas, steel and chemical industries along with its use as the major source of electric energy. The increase in oil price causes more demand for coal, particularly in the chemical industry.

    7. Reduced Emission:

    The CCS technology stands for the safe capture and storage of carbon dioxide produced by the combustion of coal. Scrubbers and filters are also used to capture the CO2 and limit the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. These technologies can be utilised to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and to limit the risk of global warming respectively.

    Coal is the only source of energy that is available in abundance.