I said every one of these issues goes back to the dawn of gambl

  • Although it is considered a trademark of OSRS drama in truth I have rarely had groups avoid battle. They seek it out, if they expect it to be tough, though with some care. Even with mortal combat they appear to have no fear or aversion, unless they're low on RS gold hp and then they're paranoid. We ignored encumbrance completely as gamers hate to monitor it. Compromises include GM-tracks-it-for-you-cause-you-cheat, periodic"encumbrance audits" with penalties in case you get caught, slot-based encumbrance (like a video game, or you'll be able to carry # items equal to your STR), eyeball-based encumbrance (that looks like as much to me, proceed at half rate ), use of visual inventory trackers (which players appear to enjoy), and tolerance combined with good-natured mockery. I tracked encumbrance correctly and have also gone complete accountant, but that never lasts. The very best solution is something grime simple (slot predicated ) combined with a small penalty (slow motion ) for excess encumbrance.

    I really feel your pain, but as I said every one of these issues goes back to the dawn of gambling. There have been innumerable arguments, heated or bitchy or good-natured, over these difficulties. Feelings are hurt by many over character death. Much dissatisfaction and disagreement and calls to play a different game. And many joyful games where we continue playing and just lower our expectations. In my adventure Players ALWAYS let them be lazy and push for rules that favor them. They want new things and splatbooks and powerz. GMs always push for rules which hard and restrict the players, and are faithful to their own genre conceits. The tension is real and has always been there.

    Some GMs are with relaxing the battle cool, some aren't. If you're not, those things destroy RuneScape for you. You may have rules you want and still end up you can be more permissive in an OSRS sport, or you do not like, and switch into 5e that nerfs a lot of the stuff. And if your team's play style and your play style are too different there can be no compromise. To mepersonally, D&D is resource management and death. It seems wrong and frustrating if I do not get that in my D&D afterward.

    I rather play something like FATE that is with no source monitoring except metagame points and no passing and no downside. At least then you do not have high expectations from RuneScape. My purpose is, compromise is not a violation of"OSRS fundamentals". At least not as far as being loyal to the history and traditions and spirit of RuneScape. There's not any way, just what works for you makes RuneScape fun. That is the OSRS way that is authentic.

    It doesn't seem like runehammer's IndexCard RPG has been recommended by anyone, however you can try that. It stripped down 5e compared to an OSRS, but it is dripping with old school appeal. RuneScape is similar to Knave, roll over Target, but using style ability checks that are int-checks-solve-puzzles. The target number for checks is a red jumbo counter you correct as the dungeon rooms get tougher. The area is if you would like you add some rule, and your monsters are only HP and a roll bonus. No armor class even. In this part of the dungeon, everybody has the same AC and it's just like the red target number. And then for on the fly problem adjustments, there's a regular plus or minus. So one enemy could be cheap RuneScape gold +3 into the target amount.